Wedding Photography based in Baraboo, Wisconsin | Servicing Wisconsin Dells, Portage, Middleton, and Reedsburg - William Ireland

Wedding Photography

William Ireland Photography is offering wedding photography based out of Baraboo, WI. 

Mainstream           $1300


- 6-8 Hours of photography

- Online portfolio

- Prints available for purchase through your online portfolio

- All prints are extra

- Social Media ready images of purchased prints as requested

Lite           $1000


- 4-6 hours of photography time. 

- Online Portfolio 

- Prints available for purchase through your portfolio.

- All prints are extra 

- Social Media ready images of purchased prints as requested. 

Wedding Photography is not my main focus but I get so many requests for quotes that I decided that I would start to offer it as a service. In response to those requests I will offer 1 maybe 2 weddings booked per month. 

My Wedding Photography

I will not label myself as your traditional wedding photographer. You will get images of the traditional items in a wedding, however my focus will be on the bride and groom. I will work with the new couple and create beautiful images that they will be proud to hang on the walls of their home. With a major  focus on the artistic and dramatic side of photography. With that said, because of this focus, I will be upfront in saying that you wont receive hundreds upon hundreds of images in your portfolio. I will still capture as many great moments as possible but I think we can all agree that having 500-1000 images to sift through from the big day is a daunting task, not just for me, but for you as well. From a client aspect, I have never met anyone that has made use of that many images. 

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